General Info about Hybrid Golf Clubs

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General Info about Hybrid Golf Clubs

by Tommy Berry

If you follow golf on television or subscribe to golf magazines then you have likely witnessed the mounting discussion surrounding Hybrid (sometimes referred to as utility) clubs. The buzz is starting to spread, and you are starting to hear more about hybrids because they are becoming the hottest and most popular club to carry in your bag. Unlike some clubs that are specifically designed for certain players or skill levels, hybrids are suited for both, recreational players and touring pros. More below...

Pinemeadow Excel Strong Hybrids

Pinemeadow Excel Strong Hybrids

The Pinemeadow Excel Strong hybrid features beautiful styling and perimeter weighting throughout the clubhead. This generates the ultimate launch angle for your shot. The hybrid club draws its features from the big brother, Pinemeadow Excel Strong Titanium Driver . This sleek stainless steel design promotes a longer ball flight for better carry and allows you to cut through many different playing surfaces on the course. Reach a long par 3, split the middle on a short par 4, or use it for unique shots around the green.

Price starts from $49.95 and includes Custom Fitting, as well as full Money back Guarantee and a full year of Warranty.

Click here to get the Pinemeadow Excel Strong Hybrids custom fitted for you.

Best Seller: Command Hybrids

Command Hybrids

Take control of your game and introduce yourself to the Command hybrids by Pinemeadow. The hybrid club is available in four lofts: 16, 19, 22 and 25 degrees. All Command hybrids feature 2 rear six gram weights designed to lower center of gravity and increase MOI (moment-of-inertia). By increasing MOI it prevents the clubhead from twisting at impact resulting in straighter shots.
Adjustable weight-port technology allows you to move both rear weights to configure the club to play any shot type. Whether it's a draw, fade or straight, expect to see longer shots, increased launch and improved accuracy. Use the hybrids direct off the tee, straight out of the rough or tight lies right off the fairway. The Command hybrid irons are the club to play. They are versatile, long and forgiving! Command the respect from your golf buddies and take your game to another level.
Price starts from $49.95 and includes Custom Fitting, as well as full Money back Guarantee and a full year of Warranty.

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PRE Progressive Hybrid Iron Set

PRE Progressive Hybrid Iron Set

The hybrid iron set is designed around a full hollow construction throughout the entire set, providing a seamless transition. Long irons were designed with a wider sole plate and added offset offering maximum forgiveness, while the shorter irons are crafted with a smaller sole plate and reduced offset to increase control and effectiveness. This progressive appearance has become very popular within the hybrid set being sold in the market place.
Price starts from $229.95 and includes Custom Fitting, as well as full Money back Guarantee, a full year of Warranty, and free Shipping within the continental US.

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Secret Weapon Hybrids

TRX Hybrid

The Secret Weapon is the perfect hybrid for any golfer’s arsenal! Designed for superior control and optimal launch on your mid- to long-range shots. The hybrid features a “V” sole designed to attack the buried lies or shots from the rough at long distances.
Price starts from $49.95 and includes Custom Fitting, as well as full Money back Guarantee, a full year of Warranty, and free Shipping within the continental US if purchase is above $72.

Click here to get the Secret Weapon Hybrids custom fitted for you.

The word hybrid means something that is of mixed origin or composition. In golf, they have taken ideologies of both a wood and iron design and combined them, to manufacture some of the most forgiving and easiest clubs to hit to date. Features you will find on the hybrid are:

  • Flatness of the face on the hybrid wood. Woods have a curve on the face but the hybrids are flat just like an iron.

  • Weighting that is distributed throughout the club like an iron or fairway wood. Most woods have the focus of the weight distributed towards the front.

  • A wide sole like a fairway wood, with a club length similar to an iron rather than a wood.

The main idea behind the hybrid wood is to be interchangeable and utilize the characteristics of both an iron and a wood. The resultant club is typically easier to hit with less effort than a traditional long and lower lofted iron. The term “long iron” normally describes all the clubs from a two iron through five.

There are multiple reasons why many recreational golfers struggle with long iron shots and the goal of the hybrid wood is to make it easier for you. The most common problems are:

  • Not being able to make a complete shoulder turn on the backswing.

  • Swinging too hard and throwing off tempo.

  • Lower lofted clubs are harder to hit.

The elite players who do all the right things with long irons save strokes during the average round, but the majority of players struggle with them, and now have an alternative in the hybrid club. The long narrow face and a wide sole of hybrid clubs utilizes a low center of gravity cog, which helps players with slower swing speeds launch the ball with little effort, making a hybrid club similar to playing a wood in that it lends itself to the sweeping style swing rather than picking the ball off the turf with greater effort and a traditional iron. Effectively, all players benefit, but particularly grateful are those players who have lost swing speed due to age, injury or other physically conditions that have prevented them from making a full shoulder turn on the backswing. Hybrids allow for a shorter back swing while launching the same distance you are use to experiencing with a wood.

The face of a hybrid is manufactured out of harder 17-4 stainless steel, similar to a fairway wood, which helps with the ball compression and forgiveness of the club. The hardness of the metal allows a slower swing speed to produce distance that you would normally see with a faster swing speed. Not only will you see longer distances from the hybrid wood you should see more accuracy because the hybrid allows for a greater margin for error. All this from a club that is shorter and lighter than its performance-matching counterparts.

Many players using Hybrids are not only replacing long irons but are using them as fairway woods as well. Some of the loft angles on Hybrid clubs match those of a 3 and 5 wood but since they are shorter, lighter and more versatile.

Hybrids are extremely versatile and can be used easily from the fairway, rough or tee, and they are a great stroke saver. If you suffer, as many do, from the long iron blues, you should consider a hybrid to compliment your game.


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